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Optimum Group commits itself to act as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Our processes are continuously improved to be of better service to people, society and the environment.

"From a lone voice crying in the wilderness to innovation leader"

Discover our plans, be inspired and work with us to make the world a better place. In all our decisions we seek a balance between people, the planet and profit, and are frontrunners in the march towards a better environment. 

Jump on board the Optimum Group’s CSR policy 
Corporate social responsibility revolves around five issues. We consciously focus on the impact on the environment, sustainable energy consumption, the scarcity of raw materials, our employees, and we are socially committed. In ten years, we have grown to become a frontrunner in a sector in which sustainability is playing an ever greater role. 

Choose a greener approach with our Optimum Green products 
We make a permanent contribution to sustainable enterprise with our products. Explore our growing assortment of sustainable packaging and labeling solutions. You will always find a solution that is consistent with your CSR policy among the products in our Optimum Green portfolio. Together we strive for a sustainable future in a structural and sustainable manner. 


Sustainability is important to Optimum Group: "It is part of our responsibility and indispensable in our business operations. Sustainability is part of our CSR policy and is reflected in various business activities. Based on this idea of sustainability, the Optimum Group Liner Recycling Programme, called Greenliner, was born. We would like to help our customers recycle backing material from the labels we supply."

Optimum Group platinum partner United Packaging Forest

There are several reasons, but the most important one is that we, as an innovative company in the packaging industry, think DOING is more important than talking.

Packaging is necessary for a liveable world. Thanks to packaging, products can be transported and this can be done efficiently. It also reduces food waste. While packaging is necessary for a liveable world, we must also ensure that it does not end up in the environment and thus roam the globe forever. This is why Optimum Group has become a platinum partner of United Packaging Forest (UPF) with a contribution that will allow 240 trees to be planted.

United Packaging Forest is an initiative that originated in the packaging world and fights illegal tree felling. Every year, more than ten billion trees disappear and the consequences are huge. Drought, climate change, food shortage, poverty and natural disasters are direct consequences of deforestation. In addition, people and animals cannot live without trees. They are needed to convert CO2 into oxygen and provide a habitat for animals. All partners of the UPF contribute to making our beautiful planet liveable.

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