Differentiate your products and attract new business with connected packaging.

Digimarc Labels

Differentiate your products and attract new business with connected packaging.

Digimarc Barcode is a method of imperceptibly enriching packaging with data that can be read by various devices, such as telephones, computers, barcode scanners and machine-vision equipment.

Scanning your labels better
Digimarc has teamed up with leading scale and thermal printer suppliers to deliver a more powerful labelling solution that scans better, without the need for new equipment. Digimarc Barcode for makes scanning more reliable and efficient, saving time and reducing costs while improving data accuracy in retail and logistics environments.

When barcodes fail
Thermal label printers require maintenance and when the print heads burn out, they stop printing on sections of the label. This is bad for traditional barcodes that represent data as lines. If the lines aren't printed correctly, or not at all, scanners can't read the information properly, leading to inaccuracy and inefficiency. Your business deserves a better barcode - one that works every time.

Smarter checkout
Scan faster and more effortlessly with barcode data repeated unobtrusively across the label. Even damaged, torn or burnt labels are scanned, eliminating the need to manually enter prices or perform price checks, contributing to long queues at the checkout.

Prevent barcode mix-ups and reduce shrinkage
Prevent fraudulent behaviour such as barcode swapping with the ability to easily and accurately read product information, even on torn labels. Manage inventory and increase sales by enabling dynamic price reductions based on the sell-by date.

Reduce food waste
Digimarc Barcode on fresh produce labels enables employees to quickly identify "discounted" stock and sell discounted, fresh items to consumers so they are sold before the expiry date and not thrown away as food waste.

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