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Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves maximize the visibility of your products for the consumer and ensure 360 ° communication from top to bottom. They provide perfect enclosure, protection and security for every type of packaging.

Shrink sleeves

A shrink sleeve is a flexible packaging that is shrunk around your product. The shrink sleeve acts as an extra layer to your product. The biggest advantage of a shrink sleeve is the ability to print 360 °. Because of this there is a lot of information space, very suitable for promotional purposes. Another advantage is that a shrink sleeve can be formed around every possible shape. Within the Optimum Group we attach great value to high quality. That is why we have our own pre-press departments where you are closely involved with the design of your shrink sleeve.

There are four different types of shrink sleeves:

Full body shrink sleeve

A full body shrink sleeve covers the entire packaging of the product. This creates a lot of space for your product information to be lost. Click here for more info.

Half body shrink sleeve

If you want to package only part of the packaging, the half body shrink sleeve offers the ideal solution. Click here for more info.


Shrink sleeves can also be suitable to link two products together, this is called multipacks. Multipacks are ideal for promotional purposes. Click here for more info.

Tamper evident band

The tamper evident band acts as a closure on a product. The tamper evident tire can also serve as an indication of a fresh product. Click here for more info.

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