Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

Our members produce high quality Printed Self-Adhesive Labels, always using the latest digital label printing technology. Digital printing seems invented for full-colour printing Self-Adhesive Labels on rolls, sheets or cut loose.

Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

Our members produce Self-Adhesive Labels also referred to as Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) on a roll or stacked. Ready for a wide range of applications.

Background information

Self-Adhesive Labels, commonly known as stickers or labels, is a collective term for products that offer infinite possibilities. In most cases, the label material consists of a siliconised carrier onto which adhesive paper or plastic has been applied. Together, these 3 layers, carrier, adhesive and label form the label material. These 3 layers can be composed of different types of material. 

The term "label" is used for any material that is die-cut, a process that gives the label its distinct form. The labels are positioned alongside each other on the carrier, separated by only a few millimetres, the material between the labels is then removed. In our branch of industry, the term "label" usually refers to a roll-on-roll product, i.e. the labels are automatically applied using a label dispenser. This dispenser reads the blank space between the labels and applies the label to the substrate surface.

Production options

  • Printing up to 10 colours 
  • Laminating with or without intermediate print 
  • Printing onto adhesive 
  • Multi-layer with and without intermediate die-cuts 
  • Printing of carrier paper 
  • Detailed novelty die-cuts
  • Multi-layer labels
  • Zig-zag folded pinfeed labels
  • Printing and die-cutting sheets 
  • A4 sheets

Self-Adhesive Security Labels and seals

We can process every conceivable security material, including holographic film, ultra destructible, laminated film with adhesive security texts. As well as producing security materials for the market, we can also create customer specific materials. Furthermore, in partnership with a variety of customers, we have developed seals for repeated opening and closing of packaging.

For more information about this product or to request a quote, please contact our members Etiket NederlandVila EtikettenSpecialist Printer Max. Aarts.W&R Etiketten, ASQ Labels and Belona

Design and Pre-press

Are you not sure about your exact shape or design? No problem, we have a fully equipped, professional studio at our disposal, as well as an enthusiastic team who are on hand to help you with the planning, design and application to produce a first-class product. We will be only too happy to draw up a no-obligation print and/or design proposal for you.

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