How do you make your beer bottle stand out? Right, with an original label!

Discover the four indispensable ingredients

The four essential ingredients of a beer label

Now you're probably wondering: "Is a stylish label really that important?" Yes it is, surveys have shown.

  • No less than 66% of beer buyers find the presentation of the label extremely important.
  • 60% only buy a beer with an eye-catching label

1. Artistic design

A label with many colours, animations and contrasts stands out. The design of a beer label is essential to entice the consumer to buy.

2. Solid material

A label for your beers is not just an ordinary sticker. You have a choice of materials! Strong paper is often a good solution. Would you like a more special material? That is possible and the choice is huge!

  • Self-adhesive label
  • Washable label
  • Silver/gold foil
  • Braille label

3. Matt or gloss

Every beer label is provided with a finishing layer. A finishing layer protects your label against dirt and moisture - with a matte or glossy look. Do you want a beer label that literally and figuratively stands out? Then go for a finishing layer with UV lacquer on your logo, for example. Dazzlingly beautiful and catchy!

4. Shape of the beer label

We can well imagine that you find it difficult to decide what shape your label should have. Round, oval, a star or a diamond? The possibilities are endless. We will gladly help you find the label that suits your beer and your brand!

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