Smaakje and the Wash-off labels of Optimum Group

Smaakje, supplier of various types of coffee syrups with a distinct Dutch flavour, wants to be unique with its typically Dutch syrups, which are also delicious to combine in tea, cocktails, cakes, smoothies & milkshakes.

Packaging issue

Smaakje wants to make (environmentally) conscious choices wherever possible. That's why Smaakje was looking for labels made from 100% recycled material. When Smaakje discovered that the Optimum Group could fulfil this need with the help of Wash-off labels, the choice was quickly made. Optimum Group's Wash-off labels are a perfect match for Smaakje's strategy. Smaakje's aim is to produce entirely sustainable materials in the future.

Situation of Smaakje

During the covid-19 crisis, the new Smaakje brand line was born within the company Tweda. Tweda is a production company that specialises in making sauces such as sambal oelek & ketjap and mainly supplies the catering industry.

Taste is more than a coffee syrup, it can also be used in tea, cocktails, shots, cake, smoothies and over ice cream. The possibilities are endless and we mainly offer unique Dutch flavours such as: pink cakes, grandma's cake and macaroons.

Optimum Group approach

Megaflex, member company of Optimum Group, is the supplier of the Wash-off labels for Smaakje. One of Megaflex's account managers listened to Smaakje's needs and suggested Wash-off labels as a sustainable labelling solution for the syrups.


After completing the project, Optimum Group and Smaakje laid the foundations for a successful partnership. Despite the corona crisis, Smaakje's new brand line was born, proof that they are far from finished conquering the syrup market!

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