Sleeves for yoghurt drinks

Optimum Group is your shrink sleeve supplier for your drinking yoghurt products. Shrink sleeves can be " sleeved " from head to toe around your products and can be printed up to 360 degrees.

Optimum Group, your Shrink Sleeve supplier

Optimum Group is your partner for a wide range of shrink sleeves, including for yoghurt drinks! Shrink sleeves are the 360-dimensional decoration for your product and bring many benefits.


  • 360 degrees decoration
  • Possibility of implementing a seal (tamper evidence)
  • Brilliant, sharp and luxurious colours
  • From concept to final product
  • Available in rolls and loose
  • Suitable for bottles, cans and containers

Shrink Sleeves are available in many shapes and materials. We produce them for your bottle, can, tray and many other types of packaging. Optimum Group is the ideal partner for your customised packaging! We have modern machinery consisting of UV flexo and digital printing presses. This allows us to be flexible and produce very small to medium-sized runs for your company. Almost anything is possible and we will not shy away from a challenge!


Optimum Group has the ability to process shrink sleeves using a vertical perforation, in order to achieve simple separation between the sleeves and your products. By using thinner PET films.

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