Mosaic Print by label producer Vila Etiketten


At Optimum Group we are able to produce labels which are not only unique because of text, barcode or numbering, but now also because of unique artwork.

By the use of HP Mosaic software we can uniquely design the background and other elements of labels and produce them digitally. The software uses one basic file and converts it into different positions, size and colour to create a unique design for the label or packaging.

Well-known brands like Nutella, Coca Cola and Budweiser have already released their products onto the market by using these unique labels and packages. Together with the customer we can discuss the possibilties of producing their product by the use of Mosaic and subsequently put a unique product onto the market. This way our customers can put their products onto the market and have the consumers purchase a unique and authentic design.

Vila  Etiketten B.V.
Vila Etiketten B.V.
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