Vila Etiketten B.V.

Specialists in digital printing of self-adhesive labels.


We are specialists in digital printing of self-adhesive labels. We are focused on the graphic industry and smaller orders. Improving (digitally pre-printed) labels is a discipline in which we are involved on a daily basis. A label is more than just an information carrier, it is an essential part of brand communication.

We invest a lot into our team and in the latest and best technology. To ensure that everything runs smoothly we work according to clear processes with strict internal controls. Vila is an ISO 9001 certified company. The word 'no' does not feature, rather we choose to think along with our customers. The flexibility and the team's ability to come up with solutions is immense. This team is made up of dedicated professionals with tremendous drive. Thanks to our broad product range we always offer the best solution. When doing so an optimal balance between speed, price and quality is kept in mind. Our diversity is strengthened through our broad experience across many industries.

Vila  Etiketten B.V.
Vila Etiketten B.V.
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